Affordable Small Group Online Learning From Dragonfly Yoga

  • Rolling Semesters: Next Semester Preregistration starts Mid-December – New Courses TBA – STAY TUNED!
  • 5 Students Maximum In Each Class
  • One Class Per Week Offered Around Your Schedule
  • 6-week Course Only $98! Community Members Price: $80

Zoom works for traditional yoga classes. It works even better when students and instructors can interact with one another around topics of shared interest. In these 6-week courses, instructors will share their expertise as they guide students through specific topics and themes. Small class sizes (5 students maximum) will encourage discussion, allow instructors to focus on individual students, and build community.

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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress with Andrea Pace

Covid19 has has impacted nearly everyone’s anxiety and stress levels — and yoga can help! In this course, we will work to decrease our stress and anxiety holistically, using the koshic model, by incorporating targeted movement, breath work and meditation into our yoga practice. We’ll also bring in nutrition, discussing research that looks at the effects of diet, gut bacteria, and microbiome on our mental states. Finally, we’ll learn lifestyle hacks that can help, too.

Postpartum: Core And Pelvic Floor with Kate Wilcox

Strengthening and repairing your core and pelvic floor at any age is key to maintaining a strong and safe yoga practice, as well as improving day-to-day activities. This course is geared toward nurturing postpartum bodies- from 6 weeks postpartum and on. (Anyone who has given birth is always postpartum! Pregnancy fundamentally changes the body.) Each of the six weeks of classes will build on the last, using targeted yoga poses and breathing techniques to strengthen and heal the core and pelvic floor with an emphasis on diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and pelvic floor dysfunction. Weekly yoga flows will include tips on maintaining a safe yoga and fitness routine and suggestions for daily movement at home, so you can regain your strength and stability.

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness with Juli Eckmeier

Full body movement is so important for a child’s development and that’s not always built into a students normal day, especially in times of virtual learning. With energetic movements and weekly themes we are able to get the benefits of traditional yoga in a fun and lighthearted way. We learn to calm and focus our energy with breathing, posture and at the end of each class there will be a corresponding mindfulness craft/project with the chance to share and be inspired by each other’s creativity. For elementary school aged children or preschoolers can enjoy with a sibling or parent.

Yoga For Grandparents with Linda King

What do you most want to do with your grand-kids, but can’t? Play with them at the park? Help them erect a cardboard box fort in your living room? If what prevents these or other, fun activities with your grand-kids are stiff joints or balance, this T.I.N.Y. course will be the start of correcting those issues. Through a series of gentle, slow yoga movements, balance work, and stretches, we will improve your mobility and alignment.

Peaceful Weight Loss with Joe Simek and Alexis Ridge-Simek

Covid-19 has changed so many things. For many of us, it’s also changed our relationship to food, as we search for ways to ground ourselves. Join Dragonfly Yoga co-owners Joe Simek and Alexis Ridge-Simek for an introduction into Peaceful Weight Loss. Experience how yoga and lifestyle changes can be powerful tools in creating a path towards making peace with food and your body.  Each week in this course, we will practice gentle yoga and learn about the Peaceful Weight Loss™ sustainable principles and how they apply to our individual needs. There will be time for discussion and questions, with plenty of laughter. Alexis and Joe will alternate weeks as your instructor.

Boosting Your Immune System with Sam Barrett

The seasons are changing, colder weather is coming and now more than ever, we need to take steps to boost our immune systems. Throughout this course, we will focus on gentle stretching and yin yoga poses to support our immune system as we move into the fall and winter months. This time of year it is vital to nourish and reenergize all of our organs to promote proper function by bringing awareness and energy to them. Let’s release deep seated tension in the connective tissue through hydrating the fascia. Our yoga practices will end with a guided meditation. We will also discuss lifestyle changes, diet and other ways to promote our health off of the mat through this season. All levels welcome.