teachertrainingdoylestownbuckscountyDragonfly Yoga believes in building the teacher training around the student! By enrolling in Dragonfly’s Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll earn a 200-hour level Yoga certification through a schedule that fits your life.

We strive to make our program comprehensive, yet still accessible to those with time and financial restraints. Our teacher training allows you to enroll at any time and complete the work at your pace.

Take a look at the outline of our training below and please contact us at 215.622.4612 or dragonflyyogastudio@yahoo.com if you have any questions..


Dragonfly’s in-depth 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is for aspiring yoga teachers or anyone who wants to further their study of yoga. The curriculum is an eclectic mix of styles, but covers the 8-limbs of Yoga. This YTT will prepare you to teach a Hatha yoga class — and send you on your own path of discovery!

Teacher Training Units (with Dragonfly Owner Alexis Ridge-Simek)

The YTT is made up of 12 general units; one unit is covered every month in a 3-hour class usually held the last weekend of the month. Students may enroll at any time and attend any unit they wish. To receive certification, you must complete all 12 units. Here is a brief overview of the units:

  • Unit 1 (January) – Our Yoga Roots and Where Our Branches Can Reach: Prone Asana/History Of Yoga in U.S./Teaching Techniques/Wheel of Yoga
  • Unit 2 (February) – The Prana Of Yoga: Chair Asana /Presentation of Opening & Closing/Bandas/Presentation of Yogis/Types of Hatha Yoga
  • Unit 3 (March) – Creating Your Abhyasa: Seated/Core Asana/Asana Sequencing/Mudras
  • Unit 4 (April) – Understanding The Asana: Backbends /Anatomy Part One/Categorizing Asana/Exploration of Savasana
  • Unit 5 (May) – Guiding Your Students: Forward Folds/Teach A 20-Minute Class with Critique/Student Alignments/Communication Styles
  • Unit 6 (June) – Creating A Guru?: Balancing Asana /History Of Yoga Post Classical/Becoming A Teacher
  • Unit 7 (July): – Living Your Yoga: Moon Salutes/History of Yoga Vedic Period/Yamas & Niyamas
  • Unit 8 (August) – Setting Fire To Your Life: Sun Salutes /The Pancha Koshas/The Kleshas/What is Yoga?/Skeletal System
  • Unit 9 (September) – The Business of Yoga: Restorative Asana/The Second Sutra/The Four Noble Truths/Muscular System/Yoga Business
  • Unit 10 (October) – Birthing Spiritual Maturity: Prenatal Asana/Prenatal Yoga/10 Steps to Spiritual Maturity
  • Unit 11 (November) – The Beauty Of Balance: Hot Yoga Asana/Circulatory System/Respiratory System/Chakras/Stress/Relaxation Techniques
  • Unit 12 (December) – The Eight Limbs Of Yoga: Ashtanga Series/Digestive System/Urinary System/Reproductive System/Discussion of Eight Limbs

Pranayama Workshops (With Dragonfly Owner Joe Simek)

Students must attend 3 of Dragonfly’s 2-hour Pranayama Workshops held throughout the year. (Click here for dates.)

  • Pranayama – Finding Your Witness: Preparing Our Senses and Posture For Pranayama/Ujjayi/Deergha Swasam
  • Pranayama – Balancing Energy: Discussion of Energy Constructs (Gunas, Doshas, Prana Vayus), Bandhas, Asana for Doshas/Kapalabhati/Cooling Breaths
  • Pranayama – Anatomy Of Breath: Kumbhaka/Bhramari and Hissing/Digital Pranayama (Nadi-Shodhana and others)

Building To 200 Hours

In total, the student must complete 200 hours of yoga study. These hours can be completed through the following:

  • 12 Teacher Training Unit Classes – 36 total hours
    • 15-minute Orientation with Alexis (Before Class)
    • 30-minute 6-Month Interview with Alexis (After Class)
  • 3 Pranayama Workshops – 6 total hours
  • Regular Studio Classes: Attend a yoga class 2 times a week – 40 total hours for certification. Classes may also be taken at other studios with a 500 HR level instructor (up to 10 hours for certification).
  • Self-Practice: Begin your own documented home practice, starting with monthly homework assignments and journal questions. (48 hours)
  • Readings: There is a suggested reading list and students may also suggest books the group could benefit from. (48 hours)
  • Workshops: Yoga and yoga-related workshops are offered at the studio on a regular basis, and students can also go to other workshops outside Dragonfly Yoga Studio. (20 hours)
  • Final Interview: Students must meet 1-on-1 with Program Director Alexis
    Ridge-Simek (1-hour) to present their asana binder, journal, and time tracking sheet, and be ready to discuss student emphasis.
  • Donation Class: Students must teach a 1‐hour All Levels Class at Dragonfly (proceeds are donated to the student’s charity of choice.)


1. ATTEND ONE OF ALEXIS’ GROUP CLASSES: See her schedule HERE. If you plan to study with someone for a year, it’s good to get to know her style, right? (This class can count as part of your required hours. Can’t make it? Email her and set up a private session.)

2. APPLY: Complete the application HERE.

3. CORRESPOND: Email Joe at dragonflyyogastudio@yahoo.com and let him know you applied. Once accepted, he’ll send you a welcome email with links to register and documentation to get you started.