Hello Beautiful Souls! Feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? Longing for a sanctuary where you can rediscover serenity?

Your Path to Calm Awaits In Your Personalized Retreat at Dragonfly Yoga Studio:

  • Individualized Anxiety Reduction Plan Based In Yoga Therapy
  • A Soulful Session in Yoga Nidra
  • An Hour of Nurturing Restorative Yoga
  • A 60-Minute Massage Therapy Session
  • Personalized Yoga Practice Rituals
  • Healthy Grounding Nourishment and Yummy Tea

And There’s More…

  • On-Demand Course: Yoga Nidra for Anxiety
  • On-Demand Course: Guided Relaxation
  • A Sweet $30 Off Your Next Massage
  • Weekly Group Anxiety Class With Joe For One-Year
  • Three 60-Minute Private Yoga Maintenance Sessions (Redeem In 6 Months)

About The Retreat and Package: Once you book your personalized retreat, we’ll be in touch to schedule your day. This individual 4-hour retreat is available during a weekday or weekend afternoon at our peaceful yoga studio. We’ll also help you book your private yoga sessions with Dragonfly owners Alexis or Joe, as well as your weekly yoga class. Sign up now and we’ll handle the rest!

Please note, this special experience is limited to just 5 slots and must be booked before 2/1/2024.

Pause. Breathe. Your personalized oasis of calm is just one step away.

Welcome home to you.