Prenatal Yoga

I took Dragonfly’s prenatal yoga class every week throughout my entire 40 week pregnancy…So thankful this yoga studio offered prenatal as many other studios…have it listed on their website but didn’t actually offer it during my pregnancy. [They] will teach

Yoga Therapy

I can’t recommend Joe’s healing highly enough. The old damage is still there, but I can move forward with increasing confidence by taking care of my body as it was asking me to– but I couldn’t understand it. Joe listened

Peaceful Weight Loss

I travel for a living; so the odd hours, jet lag and constant eating out took a toll on my body and mind. Diets, personal trainers, etc, nothing seemed to take. Stress and life always seemed to get in the

Online Yoga Studio

Thanks to Dragonfly, my living room became a yoga studio during the pandemic. The variety of online classes and instructors offered are amazing. I highly recommend their recurring unlimited monthly package . It’s worth every dollar!