Poster by Ellen Young

The Joint Freeing Series is a group of therapeutic movement exercises that has grown in popularity in recent years. We like to call it “Yoga Therapy 101,” but it is not limited to those who are suffering with chronic physical conditions. There are MANY potential benefits in doing the JFS:

  • Improves range of motion in all joints
  • Low-impact exercise to increase strength and flexibility
  • Beneficial for those with osteoarthritis; potential increase of synovial fluid
  • Reduces stress and anxiety by connecting movement and breath
  • Often offered in trauma-sensitive yoga classes as a body-centered practice
  • Excellent warm up for more vigorous yoga classes
  • Can be practiced in a chair or standing

Does this sound beneficial for you? Here are some ways to try the JFS (Click each one to sign up or learn more):

  1. On-Demand Joint Freeing Class (With Additional Standing/Chair Variations)
  2. Private Yoga Therapy Appointment with A Yoga Therapist
Joint Freeing Series