Joe Simek during his many weeks of residential and online training.

Dragonfly Yoga is excited to announce that co-owner Joe Simek is now certified through the International Association Of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). By completing a 875-hour training, which included 150 clinic hours working with clients, Joe has attained the “gold standard” of Yoga Therapy certifications through the IAYT.

The IAYT defines Yoga Therapy as “the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.”

We are very happy to have such a highly-trained resource available for our students and instructors, as well as our larger Bucks County community. Joe is one of very few yoga professionals in our area with this certification.

Joe started this journey all the way back in 2015 and received his initial yoga therapy certification in 2017 through the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy school, which is accredited by the IAYT. He has now completed the school’s C-IAYT advanced program, which also included seven weeks of immersive/residential study.

His training included a long list of topics:

Chronic Back, Shoulder and Hip Pain, Rehab Yoga, Working with the Pelvic Floor, Fascial Thinking, Supporting Cancer Patients, Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, Weight Loss and Eating Disorders, Therapeutic Relationships, Trauma, Addiction, Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapists, Neuroscience and Research, Yoga Therapy for Grief and Loss, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Ayurvedic Applications, Working with Athletes, Yoga Therapy Philosophy, Autoimmune Disease, and Scoliosis.

As you can see, Yoga Therapy can be helpful for a wide range of chronic conditions. To learn more, visit our Yoga Therapy page and contact us to see if Yoga Therapy can help you!

International Yoga Therapy Certification