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May 1, 2019 @ 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm
Dragonfly Yoga Studio
156 Green St. Doylestown
PA 18901
$17 Drop In Or Use Your Class Package
Joseph Simek

This workshop is part of our Workshop Wednesdays series, which offers workshop instruction at group class pricing. You can drop in to any of these workshops sessions for $17 or use your existing class package.

The Full Kosha Practice

We all have a body. We all breathe. We all have a conscious mind, a subconscious, and the ability to feel bliss. And all of those aspects of ourselves need care so they don’t go imbalanced. So why do most people’s yoga practice only emphasis the physical body. What about the rest of the parts that make up the whole?

Join Dragonfly’s Joe Simek for a deeper dive into the fullness of the yoga practice as we explore the five koshas. The pancha-koshas are sometimes thought of as “sheaths” around the true self. We’ll learn the aspects of the koshas and the techniques we can use to explore, understand, and balance these parts of our system.

Each week we’ll engage in a full koshic practice including movement, breathing, chanting, meditation, and surrender. We’ll emphasize a different kosha each week.

May 1 Focus: Annamaya kosha
What is the kosha system and how does an asana/movement practice set us up for the rest of the koshas?

May 8 Focus: Pranamaya kosha
How does energy move in the subtle body and what breathing exercises help us feel and change prana, improving the function of the body’s systems?

May 15 Focus: Manomaya kosha
When should we think about directly balancing the conscious mind and how does chanting and philosophy do just that?

May 22 Focus: Vijñānmāyā kosha
How does meditation work on the subconscious mind (from a karmic perspective) and what is a specific meditation to access our intuition?

May 29 Focus: Anandamaya kosha
What is bliss and what are the yoga practices that help us create rituals for accessing this part of ourselves directly?
We will also take time to create our own 5 Kosha Practice At Home!

5:45 – 6:45 p.m. Each Wednesday


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Joe Simek is a Certified Yoga Therapist, 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher, and Co-owner of Dragonfly Yoga Studio. Joe has been practicing yoga for more than a decade, using the wisdom of the teachings to lose weight, get sober, and abandon the corporate grind. In 2012, he formalized his yoga education, completing Dragonfly’s 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Joe went on to study Yoga Therapy and Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga with Brandt Passalacqua of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (where he is now a Teaching Assistant) and Advanced Vinyasa Yoga with Rolf Gates. In 2016, Joe co-founded The Fiaria Project, a non-profit organization that aids foster children. He is also the frontman of Destroy It Up, an indie rock music project inspired by yoga philosophy. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Arizona State University. Listen to Joe’s full story on an episode of J. Brown’s Yoga Talks Podcast.

Workshop Wednesdays: The Full Kosha Practice