Dragonfly Yoga offers a full online yoga studio with a wide variety of diverse class types taught by seasoned instructors. (Dragonfly no longer offers classes at 156 Green St.) Access class with ease using our TULA class calendar and the Zoom app.

Here’s what you need to have to participate in these online classes:

  • Sign Up and Payment In Advance Of Class: Use our TULA system class calendar below to Sign Up and Pay for class. You must register before class starts.
  • Be Logged in to the TULA System: In order to get the correct Zoom link for your class, you must be both registered for class and logged in to TULA. Look for the View Broadcast link for that class, which will open Zoom.
  • Access to Zoom: Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app on your computer. You can even access Zoom on an app on your phone or tablet.

Tips and Etiquette For Online Classes

  • You have the option to hide your video at anytime. Zoom may ask you to approve being recorded, but if your video is off no one will see you.
  • It’s important that you stay muted unless asking a question at an appropriate time.
  • It may take some time to get the technology working on your end. Again, downloading the Zoom app is recommended. And watch these Zoom instructional videos: Joining a meeting and Joining and configuring audio and video.

Recorded Classes

All classes available as live streams. Those with Monthly Unlimited Community Memberships will also have the ability to listen to audio recorded versions of all classes — AND video recordings of Alexis and Joe’s classes — among many other benefits.

This feature is built into TULA. To access these recordings, use the class calendar. You may have to click back in the calendar to see previous classes.

Interested in being a member? Click HERE.