We love group yoga classes at Dragonfly! In addition to allowing students to further their yoga practice and personal evolution, they are also a great way to be a part of a supportive community.

Yoga Therapy can serve a different, but just as important role. Think of Yoga Therapy as a very targeted yoga practice for any individual suffering with chronic pain. A yoga therapist works one-on-one to educate their clients on how to heal themselves using yoga.

As you might guess, the yoga looks different based on the condition or needs of the client. Someone with PTSD needs different breathing and meditation practices than someone who is suffering with insomnia. The physical movement practices for a herniated disc look different than rotator cuff pain.

Which one is right for you? It depends on your needs. Without a doubt, if a doctor or other medical professional has suggested you or someone you know do yoga, we highly recommend starting with yoga therapy. And if you are generally suffering from chronic mental or physical pain with or without a diagnosis, a yoga therapist might be able to help.

It’s also important to say that many people who start with yoga therapy eventually end up in group yoga classes, once they learn from a yoga therapist what’s best for them in a class situation.

Check out the table above to see if a group class or a yoga therapy session might be best for you. When in doubt, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help guide you to the correct therapist or group class.

Om Shanti,
Joe Simek
[email protected]
Doylestown, PA

Joe Simek is a Certified Yoga Therapist, 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher, and Co-owner of Dragonfly Yoga Studio. Joe has been practicing yoga for more than a decade, using the wisdom of the teachings to lose weight, get sober, and abandon the corporate grind. In 2012, he formalized his yoga education, completing Dragonfly’s 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Joe went on to study Yoga Therapy and Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga with Brandt Passalacqua of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (where he is now a Teaching Assistant) and Advanced Vinyasa Yoga with Rolf Gates. In 2016, Joe co-founded The Fiaria Project, a non-profit organization that aids foster children. He is also the frontman of Destroy It Up, an indie rock music project inspired by yoga philosophy. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Arizona State University.

Yoga Therapy vs. Yoga Classes